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Our Team for New Fairfield in 2019

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Our Team has Deep Experience

and a Positive Vision for New Fairfield

Leading New Fairfield Forward

Pat Del Monaco     Khris Hall

♦ Listen and Lead   ♦ Restore Aging Infrastructure
♦ Encourage Economic Development

Focused on our Future

for Board of Finance

Cheryl D. Reedy     Jane Landers     Greg Williams     Thomas Garben

Δ  Balance Needs with Ability to Pay   Δ  Open Communication with Taxpayers
Δ  Cost Effective Budgets   Δ  Fund Measurable Results for Schools
Δ  Commitment to Candlewood Lake

for Town Treasurer

Ed Sbordone Treas

Δ  Long-Term Financial Health   Δ  Lowest Cost Bonding
Δ  Proper Checks and Balances

for Board of Education

Kathy Baker    Samantha M. Mannion    Ed Sbordone BOE    Stephanie Strazza    Rick Regan

Δ  Improve Education for All Students   Δ Modernize School Facilities
Δ Make Our Schools Safer   Δ Be Open and Responsive
Δ Improve Outcomes for Students with Special Needs

        Our Team has Deep Experience

and a Positive Vision for New Fairfield

Reviving New Fairfield

for Planning Commission

Kirsten Bennett O'Rourke     Carolyn Rowan     Keith Landa

for Library Director

Linda Norris     Danette Onofrio

for Zoning Board of Appeals           For Board of Assessment Appeals

John E. McCartney                                          Josh Beckett Flores

Together we have accomplished much and 

returned openness and civility to Town Government.

Help us keep New Fairfield Moving Forward.


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