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Our Team for New Fairfield in 2021

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Our Team has Deep Experience

and a Positive Vision for New Fairfield


Leading New Fairfield Forward

Pat Del Monaco 2021                   Khris Hall 2021

♦ Keeping New Fairfield Safe   ♦ Responding to Your Concerns and Requests
♦ Responsibly Managing During Tough Times

Focused on our Future

for Board of Education

Peggy Katkocin 2021                    Michelle M O'Gara 2021

Δ  Be Open and Responsive to Parents and School Staff
Δ Maximize In-Person Education while Keeping Schools Safe During Pandemic
Δ Continue improvement of Curriculum and Programs for Students with Special Needs
Δ Provide Students with a Foundation Preparing them for Post-Graduation Opportunities

Δ Move Forward with Building Projects to Provide More Programs and Space to Meet Students’ Needs


for Board of Finance

Tom Garben 2021 re    Josh Beckett Flores 2021    Mark Werner 2021    Greg Williams 2021

Δ  Maintain Open Communication with Taxpayers
Δ Balance Needs with Ability to Pay with Cost-Effective Budgets
Δ  Support a Business and Pedestrian Friendly Center of Town Center
Δ  Institute and Maintain a Long-term Fiscal Outlook to Assure Continued Financial Strength
Δ Support Smart Investments in Education Infrastructure and Curriculum

        Our Team has Deep Experience

and a Positive Vision for New Fairfield

Reviving New Fairfield

for Planning Commission

Keith Landa 2021 re    Patrick T O'Gara 2021    Tom Garben 2021 e    Olivia Micca 2021

◊     Update the Plan of Conservation and Development to Provide More Guidance on Issues such as Housing
◊     Encourage and Guide Economic Development in the Center of Town
◊     Encourage the Development of Recreational Opportunities, such as the Margerie Reservoir Trail

for Zoning Commission

Kevin R Van Vlack 2021               Anita D Brown 2021

◊    Modernize New Fairfield’s Zoning Regulations to evolve with Changing Standards
◊    Address the Need for Housing Opportunities in New Fairfield
◊    Balance Economic Development with Preserving the Character of New Fairfield

for Zoning Board of Appeals

Josh Beckett Flores 2021                    Christopher Wegrzyn 2021

for Board of Assessment Appeals

Keith Landa 2021 e

for Library Director

Danette Onofrio 2021

for Town Treasurer

Terry R Friedman 2021

for Town Clerk

Holly Smith 2021

for Town Tax Collector

Kerrie Hess Greening 2021


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