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Who are we? – We are the official body of the New Fairfield Democratic Party, representing the enrolled (registered) Democrats from the Town of New Fairfield.

All our meetings are open to the public – especially registered Democrats and likeminded Unaffiliated Individuals, regardless of race, color, creed, gender, gender identity, age, physical disability, ethnic or national origin, economic status, philosophical persuasion, or sexual orientation.

At our meetings, we typically have DTC Members, DTC Alternate members, and guests. Members of the DTC can be any person eighteen years of age or older who is a registered Democrat who may participate in any and all party meetings, caucuses, and conventions. The DTC of the Town of New Fairfield Consists of fifteen (15) members elected at large. DTC members can vote in DTC meetings. There are also up to fifteen (15) Alternate Members. Alternate members can vote if there is not a quorum of Members or if a member is absent. The regular members present may vote to allow the alternate member(s) a full seat for that particular meeting. Guests are welcome to participate but may not vote.

We encourage vigorous but respectful discussion at our meetings.

What do we do? – The New Fairfield Democratic Town Committee:

  • Selects good party-endorsed candidates for municipal offices and works hard to help them get elected.
  • Works to support a local government that speaks directly and honestly to its constituents, listens to its constituents, and that is honest, transparent, and works for the benefit of all residents of the Town of New Fairfield.
  • Promotes the candidacies of the nominees of the Democratic Party for municipal, district, state, and national elective public office.
  • Raises awareness of opportunities and issues facing our town.
  • Analyzes potential improvements to local government and recommends them to elected officials, as well as to our fellow citizens.
  • Sponsors constructive Democratic Party activities.
  • Raises funds to support any of these activities.

How can you get involved? – We always need people to get actively involved and help us achieve our goals. There are many ways to help, including becoming an elected member of the town government, becoming an appointed member of a town committee or commission, helping get candidates elected, helping get the vote out, hosting events, helping with communications, supporting our positions on town issues.




  • Chairperson: Joshua Beckett-Flores
  • Vice Chairperson: John McCartney
  • Treasurer: Edward Glanz
  • Secretary: Stephanie Strazza

Contact us

Email: nfdtc@yahoo.com
Mail: P.O. Box 8321, New Fairfield, CT  06812
Paid for by the New Fairfield Democratic Town Committee
Edward Glanz, Treasurer


  • Beckett Flores, Josh
  • Del Monaco, Pat
  • DiRocco, Lucy
  • Glanz, Edward
  • Hall, Khristine
  • Levine, Mary
  • Levine, Norman
  • Martin-Volpe, Terra
  • McCartney, John
  • Murtha, Holly
  • O’Keeffe, William
  • Rosen, Craig David
  • Strazza, Stephanie

  • Garben, Tom
  • Gill, Mike
  • Joslin, Dan
  • Katkocin, Peggy
  • Landa, Keith
  • Landa, Laurie
  • Lynas, Jenny
  • McCartney, Christina
  • Nelson, Phil
  • Quigley, Thomas
  • Rosin, Anne
  • Williams, Greg

Bylaws of the New Fairfield Democratic Town Committee

Bylaws (PDF)


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Paid for by New Fairfield Democratic Town Committee – Edward Glanz, Treasurer