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The New Fairfield Democratic Town Committee wants to help keep you informed of significant town events and news from our elected officials.

This is an important year for all of us, with the budget referendum happening June 5th, 2021 (as described below), an upcoming vote later in June 2021 on a proposed noise ordinance, and a local election for town officials (including the Boards of Selectmen, Finance and Education) later this year.  We will provide you information on these and other events, as well as information on Board and Commission vacancies.

Our Town runs because people volunteer their time for these Boards and Commissions and we welcome your participation.

Budget Referendum 21-22

We urge you to vote this coming Saturday (June 5 – 10am to 8pm at Meetinghouse Hill School – or by absentee ballot)) to approve this year’s proposed budget for town and school expenditures.  The Boards of Selectmen, Education, and Finance worked hard to keep the property tax increase to 2.98 percent — as low as possible, given the economic hardships of the past year.

  • Of the 2.98 percent increase, 2.81 percent is the amount the debt repayment for construction of the two new schools, leaving an increase of only 0.17 percent for important school and town programs.
  • It is important to note the funding for school construction will NOT be affected if either budget is defeated. Rather, if either the proposed town or school budgets is not passed, program cuts will have to be made to school staffing and town capital — such as the gym and music teacher positions that were fought for by parents and capital funding for the fire department, the only town capital item that was not cut in this year’s budget process.

More information on the budget see the Budget Fact Sheet.

Stay tuned for more information on other New Fairfield events.

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